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hiccupy tears & Despereaux

Spoiler Alert! Grown-ups and Big Kids Only!

PinkGirl: “maybe” (hiccupy tears)

there” (hiccupy tears)

really is” (hiccupy tears)

a” (hiccupy tears)

tooth fairy” (hiccupy tears)

maybe” (hiccupy tears)

she just came” (hiccupy tears)

and saw” (hiccupy tears)

that daddy” (hiccupy tears)

already left the money” (hiccupy tears)

and the note” (hiccupy tears)

and so” (hiccupy tears)

she didn’t have to do anything” (hiccupy tears)

Mom: “you think?”

PinkGirl: “mmm hmm” (hiccupy tears)

Mom: “Well, how about this . . . next time you lose a tooth, daddy won’t do anything and we’ll see what happens.”

PinkGirl: okay. (hiccupy tears)

Mom: “But you can’t tell any of your friends or any little kids about your doubt, okay?”

PinkGirl: “I would never do that. It would break their heaarrrrrt.” (serious heart breaking full blown crying)

I wish” (hiccupy tears)

I could forget” (hiccupy tears)

I ever asked you.” (hiccupy tears)

Why didn’t you LIE to me????” (MORE heart breaking full blown crying)

Lots of hugging.

This all took place after she came into my office, turned me around to look at her and said. “Mom. Look me in the eye. Tell me the truth. Are you the tooth fairy? Did you put the money under my pillow? Tell me the truth.

I honestly told her that I did not put the money under her pillow.

Mom. Tell me the truth. Are you the tooth fairy?

“I am NOT the tooth fairy.”

She gives me “the look.”


“Daddy is.”

Hours later, before bed: “Mom? Is Santa really Santa?


Is the Easter Bunny really the Easter Bunny?



I just put her to bed and she’s in there thinking. About Despereaux. She likes to “think for 5 minutes” before she goes to sleep and I decided to help guide those thoughts away from this afternoon’s drama by reading aloud to her tonight. We started reading The Tale of Despereaux. We said prayers and as I kissed her on the head I prompted, “You can dream about Despereaux exploring the castle!”

Tomorrow, she will wake up, put on her school uniform and follow rules all day. Tonight, her imagination takes her to wonderful places.

UPDATE: HATED Despereaux. Horrible story. HATED it. Didn’t finish it.

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February 4, 2009 - Posted by | memorable moments |

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  1. I remember when DD first realized there was no Santa–she was 6 years old and had just seen Miracle on 34th Street. I have no idea why that made her NOT believe–since it’s all about believing–but she asked me outright, and I couldn’t lie to her. I wish I had. We both cried.

    Comment by Stephanie | March 7, 2009 | Reply

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